Our Story

The best connections start with a spark…

Our Connections-First Approach

Thanks to a mutual client, two staffing and recruiting professionals were invited to a unique event that both were unsure about attending. After a spark of friendship brought them together and over the years, they connected over mutual goals and their love for the staffing industry.

Our team truly believes that same spark must exist when matching talent with their next opportunity. A workforce is only as good as its workers, but we know it goes beyond simply filling seats – a true connection is where the magic happens.

Our Mission

The hiring landscape is continuously evolving but one thing is certain – human beings are and will always be the north star of workforce solutions. 

Our mission is simple: people first. We know the power of connecting the right person with the right opportunity and that sometimes, it takes support beyond the job application. We know that life happens and a little flexibility can be the difference between a good and great hire. We know that bringing people to the table is important, but bringing the right people to the table is when transformation happens. 

We know all this because we’ve been there. Our team brings some serious experience and industry knowledge to the process and we’re pouring our lessons learned into your success. 


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